Jabberwocky for 2004 July 17 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (2) Pealing Bells: I came home to a notice in the mail that Joshua Oman is getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on Friday. I would love to go, but I am having stomach surgery next week. Even if the Dr. again says he wants to wait for me to get stronger, I'm going to insist on getting fixed NOW!


Posted by anonymous at Sat Jul 17 2004 21:41

Do you know if he is related to Lyle Oman in Duschene, Utah?

Posted by Frances at Sun Jul 18 2004 12:34

Not within a couple of degrees, I don't think, but there are a lot of Omans out there. It's a big clan. I only know the ones that are related to me and some of their shirttails.


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