Jabberwocky for 2004 July 24 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) Update: Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood Rachel bringing the update on Frances (mom). She's in l'hopital (Memorial 171 for you Bakersfielders) since Thursday, a day early for her operation--which hasn't happened yet. She says she is feeling much better and hopefully if is she is all better by Monday or Tuesday they will go through with the procedure. :)


Posted by Janet Mitchell at Sat Jul 24 2004 23:04


Give your mom hugs from ME! All the Mollies have been wondering how she is! I came to the BLOG HOPING one of her "super kids" would post something! I'm so glad she's feeling somewhat better!

Keep blogging and keep us posted... your mom needs internet access at the hospital!

Posted by Marianne at Sun Jul 25 2004 13:52

Thank you, Rachel! I also am really glad someone let us know about Frances. Glad to hear that she is feeling a little better and may get the surgery to help her soon. Hugs from Marianne, too.

Posted by Nancy at Mon Jul 26 2004 13:50

same here. hearts to all, Nancy


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