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[Comments] (5) Ahhhhh.... My Own Bed!: I am out of the hospital but didn't get out until nearly 10 p.m. last night. What's up with all that poky stuff?

I think I've only been so sick one other time in my life, when I was a kid and had Rocky Mountain fever. I went to bed after church Sunday (the 18th) and never got up again really. Wednesday was the worst day. I was seeing hallucinations, including one where Rachel came to me as an angel (little wings sprouting out of her shoulders) and told me I needed to get a degree in American history. I told her she needed to fly a kite.

Wednesday morning I was putting Gretel out so Irma could clean the house, and I collapsed on a garden bench. I was seeing a parting in the air, and I could see another world behind the air curtain--lighter and brighter than the one we live in. There was a halo of light around every leaf and flower. I stared at the rent in the time/space continuum, but Anna Buxton didn't come through it, so I figured I'd be okay. Then later I learned that Neal A. Maxwell, one of my favorite speakers ever, died Wednesday morning. So the angels WERE near.

When I went to my checkup with Dr. Amin on Thursday he bounced me straight into the hospital. What he didn't know is I was already so much better than I had been. However, they decided I was too sick to do the whoopdedootomy, so I had to wait.

Finally, the following week, Dr. Manu did the procedure. He said I was so overgrown with scar tissue it was like cutting wood, and it hardly bled at all. They didn't have me all the way out, and I could feel the scope tickling and scraping down my throat. He kept yelling at me not to vomit. Well, Dr., you have a camera down your throat and see whether or not you vomit.

I suppose I feel better but I don't know. I'm exhausted and I have to drink Gatorade instead of water--very unpalatable. It's nice to be home though.


Posted by Marianne at Thu Jul 29 2004 21:57

Glad you're home now. Hope you get to feeling better. xoxo

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jul 30 2004 07:22

Hopefully there will be less vomiting in the days to come. *loves*

Posted by John at Fri Jul 30 2004 08:10

Rachel telling you to take "American" history--fat chance. Drink your Gatorade like a good patient mom, it's smart water after all. Hope you feel better soon!

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jul 30 2004 10:15

Glad you are in your own home again. I like to put lots of ice in the Gatorade so it melts and waters it down. I don't like it straight. At least when I had morning sickness. Do you still have your IV?

Posted by Susie at Fri Jul 30 2004 12:26

Glad you are home safe and getting better. Also, thanks for calling me and helping me worry less. Love you!!!!!


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