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[Comments] (8) Summer Reading: I am reading The DaVinci Code , which my friend Marianne lent me. I am really enjoying it so far. Sherrie Lewis, who travels in much different circles than I do, says there is a big controversy among some church members about the book because it doesn't "adhere to gospel principles." Well flubaththth. I never thought authors of mystery novels were obligated to adhere to gospel principles. Whatever THAT means. I think Sherrie is going to read the book.

I'm also slowly working my way through Bill Clinton's life. It's such a big book that it's hard to read. What I mean by that is my arms get tired. However, Bill has written an interesting book populated by fascinating world leaders and no less intriguing behind-the-scenes movers and shakers. I hold with my original opinion that the manuscript could have used a big blue pencil.

Finally, I've almost made it through The Blind Watchmaker . I love reading it, but it puts me to sleep after a few pages, so I use it for pre-nap reading. I realize the book is somewhat dated [1996], but I haven't seen science change all that much since then, and the ideas espoused are certainly new enough for my tiny brain to grasp.

Grasp, Brain, grasp!


Posted by Susie at Fri Jul 30 2004 14:58

John is borrowing the DaVinci Code from David to read this weekend. The Daily Universe printed an article about the "controversy" and the BYU Bookstore sold out. From what I hear, this book was more on the Gospel's side, so tell that to Sherrie. I've heard it's very good (from my hometeacher and relatives).

Posted by rachel at Fri Jul 30 2004 19:57

My mommy is such a smart reader...

(though you seem to be forgetting to mention a section of your summer reading :P)

Posted by Frances at Fri Jul 30 2004 20:04

Rachel, I'm not forgetting that. I'm hiding it in shame.

Posted by John at Mon Aug 02 2004 11:33

150 pages in and no controversy yet. I actually find it fascinating that so many people are mortally opposed to the Opus Dei sect, both in the book and in reality. I am trying to keep an open mind to their unique beliefs about self-sacrifice, mostly because so many people refuse to do so about my religion. "What, you don't drink?" "You honestly give 10% of your income to a church?" "You go to church every week?" "You're a virgin?" Well, strike that last one now. Then there's the whole mission thing..."I thought you guys did this because then BYU is free or something..."

In essence, sacrifice means different things to different people, and just because we may not find a certain type of sacrifice appealing to our communion with God doesn't mean it isn't appropriate for someone. I've purposely left polygamy out of the mix here as well. That's my two cents on that.

Posted by John at Mon Aug 02 2004 11:34

Plus the codes and mystery part of the book are just plain cool!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Aug 02 2004 16:54

One time I told someone that I would turn in some money (even in large quantities) to a police dept if I found it on the street in a bag or something. The guy got so mad at me for some reason. He said something like "people like you don't deserve to find money." Um, ok. He was hostile, and I couldn't get it. It all comes back to- people really do see the world differently than I do.

Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 02 2004 21:57

That's such a funny story! Really, I agree with you.

Posted by rachel at Thu Aug 05 2004 19:58

hahaha, that's right Kristen, you don't deserve to randomly find money that you didn't earn! Whereas he does! I bet he's wondering why its never happened right now!

I think what many people might find unappealing about the opeus dias sect is the, erm, brainwashing...


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