Jabberwocky for 2004 July 4 (entry 0)

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Independence Day:: Hooray, our website is back in business?

I am enjoying a long weekend with my family even though I feel rotten. I am sort of sorry about the firework situation for John's sake; all the shows are expensive to go to, and the fireworks are expensive to buy, and I can tell he is disappointed to not have any. If I felt better, I would have insisted that everyone get in gear and go to a show, and if I weren't so broke, I would have bought tickets.

The kids helped me quite a bit in the yard yesterday, and things have improved. I installed the new pumps on the filters in the fishpond, so I hope the water will clear up soon.

Today I walked into church with my whole family, and we sang "America the Beautiful" with the choir. It was an exciting moment to me, to be a real family and do the things that real people do. I am so proud of my children.


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