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[Comments] (2) Monday Holiday: Today I made spinach omlettes, hash browns, and bacon for my family for breakfast. It certainly has been a nice visit.

We went to Beverly's to get some curtain material for Leonard's new house and some elastic for Rachel, to Smart & Final to get water and V-8 juice, and to the pet store to get cat and dog food and fishpond enzymes. They had guinea pigs on sale for half price. The pigs were not very tame.

After everyone left, I collapsed, and when I woke up my temp was 102. I took some Tyelenol and stayed in bed, and I'm feeling some better now.

I am wondering how much longer I'm going to be able to work?

Too Hot to Handle: I found a website where you can order a 25 pound case of Atomic Fireballs for $76.96.


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