Jabberwocky for 2004 July 6 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) More Red Hots: I kept thinking about Atomic Fire Balls (which are TOO HOT for me!), so I rooted around in my desk and found the last of the hard hot cinnamon candies that Lila Stevenson gave me. When I was a kid, I used to live on those Jolly Rancher Fire Stix, and we had cinnamon toothpicks which were well worth chewing.

Last night, after I had gone to bed but oh well, Amanda Donev came over and brought me a rose, a CD of her acapella choir, and some little pressure point gadgets that are supposed to prevent nausea. They are elastic wristbands that have a little plastic ball to lean into a pressure point. I've had them on for about 24 hours now. So far so good. Amanda is looking good--all grown up and beautiful. She is going to Italy for study abroad next year.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Jul 07 2004 10:32

Has the nausea gone down after they found you had an inflamed stomache and treated it?

Posted by Frances at Wed Jul 07 2004 10:40

It hasn't been treated yet. I'm supposed to have surgery in a couple of weeks. I'm supposed to be getting stronger so I can heal faster. We shall see.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 07 2004 12:35

I remember that you liked Fire Jolly Ranchers. Glad you saw Amanda and that she is thoughtful of you.


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