Jabberwocky for 2004 July 7 (entry 0)

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Got Rock: My sister has announced her engagement to Ben Taylor. He seems a fine fellow and I am happy for her. I think that with him, she will be able to have the life she's always dreamed of. The kind of life most of us dream of, to tell the truth, but most of us never see it.

Coincidentally, we were discussing engagement rings at work. Stephanie, the student who is sitting at Hillary's desk for the summer, maintaines there is no such thing as too big a diamond. I hold that anything over, say, a karat and a half is tacky. Too big, and people assume it's fake anyway. We went round and round about this while Midge Ladd laughed at us. Stephanie and I agreed that the very best engagement ring is a plain Tiffany-set solitaire. That's what my first one was, and after all these years it's still lovely. Though I did very much love the custom made ring Roger bought for me. I wish I could have kept the ring when I had to get rid of him. It was made by Raul, the goldsmith next to the Target on Wible Road, and he was kind enough to sell it for me when I needed to get rid of it. Raul's a good guy, and he's seen me through the disposition of two husbands.


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