Jabberwocky for 2004 August 10 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (9) It's a Mess, I Tell You!: I had some patterns sitting on the dining room table, and this morning while I was still asleep, Sadie shredded them and spread the pieces throughout the house. When I got up, there she was happily bedded down in a nest of shredded pattern tissue. Arrrrrgh.

At Beverly's, where I went to buy more patterns, the lady said, "At least it wasn't money." What patterns cost nowadays, it might as well have been money.


Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 10 2004 14:16

I can't believe how expensive patterns are!! We sure got a good deal on the one for my wedding dress, wasn't it on sale for just a few dollars? That naughty puppy. You'll have to punish her by sending her to live with us!

Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 10 2004 14:17

Speaking of patterns, am I supposed to be making *something* for Leonard for Christmas?

Posted by Frances at Tue Aug 10 2004 14:27

I dunno. I'm making him some somethings. You could too.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Aug 11 2004 10:08

Yet another reason I have a fish.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Aug 11 2004 10:09

And not a piranha, either.

Posted by Frances at Wed Aug 11 2004 11:13

I have several fish. None of them have EVER pulled something like this.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 11 2004 12:15

Hehe. Fish are good (see "Cat in the Hat")

Posted by Alyson at Wed Aug 11 2004 16:00

My former neighbor (who moved out of our four-plex a few weeks ago) gave me her beta fish, which we happily received. Sadly, Little Fishy-Big Fishy, as Atticus named him, recently died in the care of a friend (we're still on vacation). Little Fishy-Big Fishy has been provided with a proper burial, I hope.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Aug 12 2004 12:03

Oh, sad. Poor fishy. Frances, Sadie has shredded our fair share of stuff too. To name a few...our beautiful marriage certificate, school pictures, and some coin collection money! I know how you feel.


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