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[Comments] (1) Japanese Food: Today I ran a lot of errands, including going to sears to get my glasses fixed. There was an article about a new Japanese restaurant in yesterday's Business section, so I went over to give it a try. It was really crowded! I had sunomono and was pleased to note that it was prepared with crab just as it is in Little Tokyo. It was garnished with thin slices of carrot cut into five-petal flowers. Then I had some tempura, which was very good, but a mistake to have eaten it.

An interesting aspect of this visit was seeing the clientele eat sushi. Here was a whole restaurant full of people who looked like they were from Bakersfield, chowing down on seaweed and raw fish, etc. And, this place doesn't have forks. All the fellows-- who look like oil workers-- were using chopsticks. We may not be a provincial as some of us have always suspected.


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