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[Comments] (3) Hoboes:: I am making a Hobo in my oven instead of in a campfire. It consists of chicken breast, onion, mushroom, carrot, and fresh green beans. And Heinz 57 sauce. The Heinz sauce has gone up so much since the last bottle I bought that I'm just sure it's supporting the Kerry campaign. Or it better be.

I bought some snow peas (a small handful was only 21 cents) to do the other half of the chicken breast with a soy-ginger-garlic kind of arrangement tomorrow.

Weirdness Exits the Woodwork: I just found out how really strange some food hobbyists can be. Looking for recipes for penne, I found some goodies. Penne Pasta with Greens and Rutabaga. Penne Pasta with Cicada Sauce. Penne A La Vodka. I thought all the strangeness revolved around bow ties, but no! Penne wins! I wonder what it is about the shape that brings out the bizarre in people. (Freudian analysts need not respond.)

[Comments] (1) Gala: I am eating an apple from my tree--the very first one I have eaten. It is so much firmer and tastes so much better than the Gala variety from the store. This is the only apple I will have this year. The tree made more, but they ripened and fell and got ruined while I was sick. Gretel picked some to play with too.


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