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[Comments] (1) Michael Moore: I think Mr. Moore would be taken more seriously if he cleaned up a little. I realize that his style of dressing is a political statment (one we all make, really), but it's doing him no favors among the conservatives. I also realize he doesn't want favors from the conservatives, but I still think he would be regarded as a professional if he would dress more like one. Is that "selling out"? I don't think so. It's the same matter as using correct grammar--we want to present ourselves in the most positive light possible.

[Comments] (3) Ready to Go: Gretel has gone to the puppy hotel, I'm packed, and Tom Jackman has come over to retrieve the cooler full of medicine, which is getting a ride to Utah with him. I am informed by my sister, however, that we have no baby yet. I suppose I should balance my checkbook before I go. And confirm arrangements with my ride to the Airport Bus.


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