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[Comments] (2) Quickie Trip: I am back from Utah. I don't know if I will ever fly there again. It's such an ordeal to fly when you live in Bako. I spent 8 hours on the road on Thursday, flying, riding the Airport Bus, and waiting around and getting hassled by airport security. It took the Jackmans only 10 hours to drive there. They took my cooler full of IV essentials up in their van, which alleviated a HUGE hassle for me.

My brother Jonathan met me at the airport and we went to lunch at Spaghetti Factory with Laura. Then Laura took me home and I slept until Susie and John got off work. They picked me up and we went to John's parents for dinner. I couldn't eat much because I was full of Spaghetti Factory.

Friday was devoted to Kristen's labor and delivery. I slept a lot while Susie was at work, snoozing between cell phone updates of Kristen's progress. Little Lilly was born about the time Susie got off work, so we rushed over to see her. She is beautiful!!!! Poor Kristen was wiped. The baby had Aaron's big shoulders, and it was Not Fun. I took Susie and John to Red Lobster, and then we dropped in for a while at the home of Dane McNeil, someone I went to high school with and haven't seen in maybe 30 years. It was good to see him again.

Saturday morning we did a big family event at the temple and did work for all the aunts and uncles. It was nice being in the temple with everyone. Afterward, we went to eat Chinese food, and David Oman had brought a handful of letters that Mom had written to Aunt Margaret and Grandma. He read them aloud during the meal, and I brought them home to scan and put on CD for everyone. Then we went to the cemetery and visited our folks. Everyone else went to the hospital to see the baby, and Susie and I went home for a nap. That evening we went to visit Richard and Pam Oman and had a nice chat. I wish my yard looked like Richard's.

This morning I went to church with John and Susie and then to the airport for the ordeal of getting home. By the time I landed at LAX I knew I was going to be sick, but the line in the bathroom was long and I ended up throwing up into a wastebasket in the middle of the concourse. Embarassing, and a lot of people freaked, but they should get over it. I have. Rachel picked me up--out to dinner, home. Sadie was surely glad to see us.

All in all a nice trip, but I am certainly tired! I honestly think it would have been much less trouble to drive.


Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 30 2004 08:47

I threw up in a trash can in the airport after dropping you off when I had my wisdom teeth out. No one said anything.

Glad you are home safe, thanks for visiting me. =)

Posted by Kristen at Thu Sep 09 2004 20:30

I have such fond memories from being at the hospital. Thanks for coming to see us!


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