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[Comments] (4) But it Cost Just as Much!: I went to the store today and bought a bunch of Dr. Amin approved food. Stuff for a boatload of smoothies, yogurt, rice pudding, soy milk. Experimentally, I bought carrot juice to add to smoothies. It's not too bad. So today starts the grand experiment of retraining my stomach. I spent $57 and don't even have any real food. I guess real food isn't an option for a while.

[Comments] (2) Surprise Shipment in Boxes!: I received two boxes today from Amazon.com. The ladies on the Mollie list went in together and got me every book on my wish list plus one called Losing America by Senator Byrd. Wow! That was very thoughtful of them. Two of the books are Paul Theroux travelogues about traveling by train--through Europe and through South America. I can't wait to read them.

Still chiseling along on Bill Clinton's biography.


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