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Meow: A litter of tiger cubs has been born at the National Zoo. They must have very good luck with breeding tigers. When we were there in 2000, there was also a litter of new cubs. It was an overcast, cool day --okay, it was cold!-- and the tigers were very active. The cubs were chasing each other all over the grotto, and me without my telephoto lens!

[Comments] (1) Beating the Odds: This afternoon I went to my appointment with Dr. Manu. (The stomach doctor.) He said it was a miracle to see me come walking into his office. Why? Because, he said, the operation I had last week has a 10% fatality rate. I wonder if I knew that last week? I was so sick that even if he had told me, it wouldn't have sunk in.

That's not such bad odds, really. I would still go ahead with it, even if the risk were higher.


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