Jabberwocky for 2004 August 8 (entry 0)

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Sunday, Sunday: Church today was excellent. The Scouts just climbed Mt. Whitney, and we heard from the boys about lessons learned on the journey. Mainly, endure to the end. I hope I can endure to the end.

David Oman called me and I spent about an hour on the phone with him. Every so often it's very nice to catch up. He says Richard has had more heart trouble. I'm sorry to hear that.

This afternoon I went to get my temple recommend renewed. I was early, and I sat in the stake presidency's office for about a half hour reading old Ensign magazines. President Rodriguez did my interview. He didn't remember me from last time, but of course it was two years ago, and I am an inconspicuous sort. It was nice to visdit with him. He shared his thoughts regarding people who can't/don't learn English. He is unconvinced; he thinks anyone can learn it if they apply themselves. I still think it's a very very difficult language.


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