Jabberwocky for 2004 September 1 (entry 2)

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[Comments] (3) Where Am I Going and Why Am I In this Handbasket?: I got home from work today and discovered that my cleaning lady had taken the Oriental rugs out onto the patio and hosed them off and left them to dry in the sun. She must think they are something you buy at Wal-Mart or something. The smaller ones have now dried, and I brought them back in the house. They are all crunchy and I am unhappy. The big giant one from the family room is still dripping. I dragged it the best I could and draped it over some patio chairs, but it's heavy and will take a looong time to dry, and it got dirty again where I dragged it across the patio. Bleah. I don't know HOW I will ever get it put back because that involves moving table and couch and I'm just not strong enough anymore.

Then, apparently, while the back door was open while she was hosing, Gretel got in and peed on my bed. She does that to get even when I've been out of town. So the bedroom door has to stay closed (and the cleaning lady always leaves it open.) So I'm having to wash my down comforter, my duvet cover, sheets, mattress pads--and I already washed the sheets this morning!!!

Thank heaven she did not take the Really Valuable rug --the one under the dining room table--outside. Now I am left to think how I will defend it if she gets a wild hair next time. Next time is two weeks off because next week she is taking the day off to go for her final interview for her green card.


Posted by Gretel at Wed Sep 01 2004 19:01

Discipline me!

Posted by rachel at Wed Sep 01 2004 19:49

Perhaps she wont be able to move that one bc of the table... why dont you just ask her not to? too bad the reeeally valuable one is the most peed on one...

Posted by Susie at Thu Sep 02 2004 08:08

I am laughing picturing Gretel climbing up to type a comment.


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