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Auld Lang Syne: Yesterday was my father-in-law's funeral. I was so sad I was numb. Arvin Cemetary. You know the drill--heat. Highly decorated graves of other people. Rickety folding canvas bench/chair things. There were lots of flowers and lots of people. Pat had the sense to rent a tent for overflow. The people in the tent sat on regular folding chairs--better seats than the family. Leonard read the obit and Susanna told a story about Grandpa.

Poor Shannon was sobbing by the casket. I hugged her and told her that a girl has a special bond with her grandpa, one that will never be repeated. She is sad that her daughter will never know him, and that reminded me of my grandfather Whitney, who died when I was two. I have tried and tried to remember him--I'm told we were crazy about each other--but I can't capture even a wisp. I can't wait to meet him in the next life.

After laying my carnation on Dalton's casket I walked over to visit Larry and Helen. Sad sad sad. The fact that we all know we will see each other again in heaven does not make up for the emptiness we feel when someone leaves earth, somehow.

After the services, we met in Lamont at El Pueblo for lunch. (Used to be Jacalito's.) Dave and Cindy Anson were there, and Mandy, and other old family friends. Garry sat at the table with me and the kids for a while and talked with us. I could only eat a few bites, when when we got home I was sick, sick, sick.

I had been planning on sitting in the spa with the kids last night, but I forgot. Maybe tonight.


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