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Aiiieeee!: I think she washed the rugs with laundry soap because the laundry soap is all used up.

Prelude to a Holiday Weekend: I didn't get a nap today, so I am exhausted and going to bed early. I stayed after class and then I had to go see Dr. Amin. He wants me to start some new medicine that has come out. I hope it doesn't make me sick. While I was waiting for time for my appointment, I hung around and worked. I got all my papers graded, so I can just relax all weekend.

I'm going to do Christmas sewing and work in the garden. Also, Ruth Davis wants to go to lunch tomorrow. It should be a nice quiet weekend except I have to get the church newsletter out.

My hurricane is gaining speed and power, and I have several efriends in Florida who are hunkered down. I feel bad for them, since it is my hurricane.


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