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[Comments] (3) I is for Its About Time: I finished the I surnames and did all the way through the Jacksons. There are seven pages of J surnames-- that's not too bad. I also sorted and sorted and priced and priced in the garage. I'm going to have all T-shirts be 10 cents, and all clothes be a quarter, no matter what it's marked. There was a clay mask in Sumana's stuff she donated, which I guess she made in an art class. Sue, the neighbor, took it to hang by her back door. It will look pretty cool there.


Posted by rachel at Mon Sep 20 2004 23:20

Does this mean I dont have to price my clothes?

(I don't know why I am commenting instead of just asking you, excpet you are asleep)

Posted by Frances at Tue Sep 21 2004 09:06

All clothes, a quarter. Otherwise we'll never get rid of them.

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 22 2004 11:29

You're so amazing. Thanks for doing our genealogy. And selling all our old junk.


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