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[Comments] (2) : Last night I remarked that I have nothing to write in my weblog, and Rachel said, "Yes you do. We went out to dinner." So. We went out to dinner. At Hungry Hunter. I ate three bits of prime rib. I have the rest for my lunch today, and Gretel had the rib.

Pat is coming over today to bring things to sell at the yard sale, and to bring plants from the funeral. Everyone is going to end up with lots of plants.


Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 22 2004 11:29

Plants! Keep some alive for me.

We went to that restaurant for Leonard's birthday one year and he was very unhappy. Was it 15? 16?

Posted by Joe at Wed Sep 22 2004 17:24

Sounds like a good vegan restauraunt or perhaps a salad bar since hunters that are hungry surely aren't having much success!!!


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