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[Comments] (1) Stabbed: I don't think I wrote about Israel Leon, who was stabbed Sunday night. He was my student when I taught at East. I'm really down about this, but I did see it coming. He was always into trouble, but he could charm his way into your heart faster than anything. He would always ditch class, but then he would come visit me on my prep period (while he was ditching another class.) I was very fond of Israel.

I also grew fond of his mother, who I got to know because I had to make so many calls home. Now the boy is dead at age 20, and I can only imagine his mother's grief and agony. I didn't go to the funeral.

I also didn't go to the funeral of Tennant Brooks, a member of our ward choir, who also died on Sunday of heart medicine complications. I had to work this morning. Tennant was a delightful, funny man, and everyone will miss him bunches and bunches, and not only that, he sang bass!

Composition in Aubergine and Celadon: Pat brought over a box of green and black plums, so I made a little box of plums with an eggplant from my garden. It looked so pretty! I took it over to Ernestine Boonstoppel. Ernestine was just back from the doctor and not feeling well, so I hope my visit cheered her up.


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