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[Comments] (1) My 2004 Christmas Letter: Christmas 2004

Dear Friends and Family:

Happy New Year! At least we hope it will be. 2004 was a tough year worldwide, with war, terrorism, natural disasters, a presidential election which we will not discuss, and not even a new Harry Potter book to ease the pain. Here on this home front, itís been rough too, what with cycling in and out of the hospital and scratching to stay alive, but there have been a few bright spots.

I began 2004 in San Antonio, where I spent New Years with my sister Anne. I was on my way to Little Rock, taking a car to my son Leonard, who was there working on the Wesley Clark campaign. It was an adventure-filled trip, and after that I didnít go many places the rest of the year, just a couple of quick jaunts to San Francisco and Utah. Mostly my life is very quiet. I go to teach my class at the college, come home, go back to bed for the rest of the day, and then in the evening do some genealogy. I also stay busy being the bulletin typist and newsletter editor at church. This is harder than it sounds, because I have to chase people down and pound their news out of them, and then they argue when I try to take their picture. It reminds me of being on the school paper in high schoolĖsome things never change.

Leonard is still developing software in San Francisco, Susie and John are starting Johnís last ( ! ) semester at BYU, and Rachel graduated from UCLA this year and is home with me. I hardly ever see her because she is working two jobs, but itís nice to have someone in the house besides me and the dogs and cats and fishies. I still canít believe Iíve gotten all of my children through college. Ten years ago my goal was to live long enough to see them through high school, and here we are in 2005, looking at a new year, watching them build their lives, and wondering what the future will bring.

One milestone of 2004 was the passing of my father-in-law, Dalton Richardson. I was terrified of him when I first came into the family as a foolish bride, but over the years I grew to love him very much. It was a difficult and sad time for the whole family, but we derive great comfort from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that we can all be together again in the next life.

An adventure this summer was surgery to put a tube in my stomachĖa fairly rare procedure with a scary fatality rate, but the whispered hope that if it were successful, I would be able to be taken off the IV and catheter. That has not happened, but I think the quality of my life has improved a tiny fraction. I am always interested in scientific things, and todayís medical advances allow us to see things like the inside of our own stomachs, which I find fascinating even as other people are disgusted. The doctor said when he went in there, he was amazed that someone in such bad shape could still be alive and walking around, but I guess I just donít know any better, so I keep on keeping on. If I could get unhooked from these tubes, I would travel more, so we shall see what the future brings.

I am getting a new email address, and I donít know what it will be, but franny@inreach.com should be good until March, as is whitneyfrances@yahoo.com. So check out my weblog at www.crummy.com/jabberwocky for an update when I get the new address. I try to blog every day, so if you are ever wondering about me, you can go there to see, and you can even leave a comment by clicking on the little speech bubble by the date.

I close by sending my love to all of you. Letís raise a toast in this new year for memories of times past and the affection we share, and a hope for a future built upon faith, hope, and charity, which is the pure love of Christ. I remember the good times we have had in the past and look forward to a peaceful future.

Love, Frances


Posted by anonymous at Mon Jan 03 2005 17:06

Happy New Year to you! May there be some good days ahead.


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