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[Comments] (20) Poor Little Orphan: I've decided that Sadie is going to have to find another home. I'm getting sicker and sicker, and I just don't have what it takes to give her the attention she needs. So this is official notice for those who have a vested interest in the dog. Do you want her--NOW? If no one in the family, I will offer her to my old roommate Evaun, and if Evaun can't take her, then put an ad on the bulletin board at the vets.


Posted by John at Mon Jan 10 2005 12:12

Let me email my sister. She was talking baby talk last night (and she's only been married six months), so a dog might quell her.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 10 2005 12:25

Wah! I want her in seven months!

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 11 2005 12:16

Let me talk to Aaron. I want to keep her in the family, but I don't want her (I agree, she is too exhausting and needy). I could take her until we move and then John and Susie can have her? Or maybe Dave and Aly. ;) just kidding I'll get back to you.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 11 2005 12:19

When do you want her gone by?

Posted by Joe Walch at Tue Jan 11 2005 14:15

I know I have not been the kindest to sadie. I do like her though, and I know that Louise would really really want to have her. This semester I will have a little bit more time to take her on walks. If Sadie needs to have somebody to take her in then we can see about doing that.

Louise has wanted a dog for a long time. If she has one then mabey she will stop calling me "puppy dog" which is one of her pet names for me. (You would think mabey she would call me something a little more, you know, strong and manly, but I digress). Anyways, I will talk to Louise about it as well.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 11 2005 15:33

Kristen: When are you moving?

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Jan 12 2005 10:37

Sorry, Louise says that she can't handle a dog for now either. Poor Poor Sadie!!

Posted by John at Wed Jan 12 2005 12:25

Doesn't the woot (Rachel) want her?

Posted by John at Wed Jan 12 2005 14:04

Hey, mom, what is your schedule like President's Day weekend? Are you in school then?

Posted by the woot at Wed Jan 12 2005 14:35

lives with mom, in case you had forgotten.

also: no, she doesn't.

Posted by frances at Wed Jan 12 2005 16:16

I think I have a four day weekend.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jan 12 2005 18:07

We are moving in July.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 12 2005 19:22

Oh, that's close to when we are moving. If we found a place with pets, that might actually work out.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jan 13 2005 09:00

Does Sadie have redeeming qualities that I am missing?

Posted by John at Thu Jan 13 2005 11:57

She's a cute little wuzzle. You just happen to be a fish person; Susie and Rachel, cat people; me, a dog person. Fish are for someone who isn't wanting a big commitment and/or emotional attachment. Dog people want the commitment and emotion (we are passionate people), and cat people are wishy-washy. You just are what you are, and can't help it.

Though I do think Leonard should adopt Sadie. He has a yard for her (I'm joking by the way, so let's not all lash out irrationally at me later).

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 13 2005 13:48


Last night, John said to me "ohh, the woot doesn't want the wuzzle. He must have gotten that word from Mom.

Posted by frances at Thu Jan 13 2005 19:28

She's extremely loving and intelligent. Wuzzle.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jan 14 2005 09:24

Hey, I was emotionally attached to Batman Fish. Just ask Dave. But you're right that fish don't demand as big of a commitment as dogs, or cats for that matter. But fish are endearing creatures nevertheless.

Posted by Sumana at Sun Jan 16 2005 09:28

Frances, thank you for answering my question.

John, I understand that particular dogs can be very friendly and fun to be around. I have met some of those. Sadie just never seemed that way to me.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jan 17 2005 12:58

Sadie is very friendly, but not fun to be around. Just because for me I don't like clingy dogs. She is too emotionaly exhausting b/c if you don't play and talk and play and talk to her all the time, she will go crazy with hyperness.

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