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[Comments] (4) Ok So Let's Do This: How about this scenario. John and Susie come to visit their decrepit mother over Presidents Day and take the muffin back to Utah. Kristen keeps her until they move. Then John and Susie get her. and bring her back to California. Lucky she loves to ride in the car.

Her shots are due this month so I need to get her over to the d-o-c-t-o-r.


Posted by Susie at Sun Jan 16 2005 09:19

I hope we can find a cheap place that likes little doggies.

Posted by John at Mon Jan 17 2005 11:19

My sister wants Sadie, but my brother-in-law said no. We will try and come down President's Day, if Kristen wants the pup back. If not, we'll come down anyway but won't have any place to take Sadie.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jan 17 2005 13:03

So, do you think that you will be able to find a place that accepts dogs and that you will want her when you go to CA- Susie and John? I don't mind having her if you are sure you can take her in July, but if not, we may have to talk about the doggie adoption option.

Posted by John at Tue Jan 18 2005 07:11

We are certainly going to try, but we can't make a promise. Cost is obviously the #1 factor in finding an apartment, but we are trying to find some "puppy friendly" ones that are suitable to our needs/tastes. We can talk about it on Wednesday when we see you.

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