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[Comments] (3) How Much Longer?: I asked Dr. Amin if he could give me a realistic estimate of how much longer I have to live. He said he can't because realistically he would have said I would have died years ago, and we've had some close calls, and he thinks I am here because of my spirit.

He says I don't have any of the life threatening infections that he could say, Oh, this one takes six days, or six weeks, or six months. So I should just go on day to day. Which I have been. But this day was spent in bed.


Posted by Stacey W. P. at Sat Jan 15 2005 10:41

Hi cousin o' mine!What a great weblog you have here. It's such a nice way to see what you've been up to. I'd dare say there is more than a pinch of the Aunt Lejeune spirit in you, which would explain why you're still among us. I'm glad you are, though very sorry that you have to battle such rotten health demons. I sent an email to you this morning mentioning that I hadn't seen your newsletter. What a treat to find it here. I'll be back!

Posted by John at Sat Jan 15 2005 15:35

You are still here because we haven't made it to California to spend some "QT" with you in your final days. So that means you have to stay healthy for 7+ months more. Then both you and Sadie can come and be with us, but not Gretel; she's not my type.

After that, we will allow nature to take its course. But you are probably so healthy, mom, in part, by our many prayers that we can be with you in SoCal.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Jan 17 2005 16:02

I am sure glad to see you here still. Hopefully you will last long enough (during the summer) for me to visit as well. It is great having you around.

Mabey you are still here because you have not gotten to the ZZZZZZ's of your geneology list;).

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