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[Comments] (5) Wimoweh: Dawn comes to the savanna. The Lion has hunted down a cardboard box, using great cunning and strategic skill. He has moved in for the kill, protecting the pride from the great danger of cardboard boxes. One cannot be too careful, on the savanna. Unfortunately, it was the cardboard box that contained the magazines to take to the Langley's. The magazines are no longer nice--but of course the Lion is! He yawns and rests amid the scattered bits of his victim. The Lion is very Brave, but even so, he defers to the Black Leopardess, and he runs from the Jackal.

Dawn will come tomorrow to the savanna. The sun will rise, spreading prickly shadows from the baobab trees. The Lion will walk, sleek and fearless. The sound track will play Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze", but they can't, really, you know, not on the savanna. The Lion has it all under control because you can't be too careful. On the savanna.


Posted by Brendan at Mon Jan 17 2005 13:25

One hundred points. This is hilarious.

Posted by Frances at Mon Jan 17 2005 17:14

Thanks Brendan. High praise, coming from you!

Posted by Rachel at Mon Jan 17 2005 23:16


Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 18 2005 16:56

Is Gretel the jackal?

Posted by Rachel at Tue Jan 18 2005 22:40

(you would think so)

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