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[Comments] (3) Boo Hoo: Somebody stole my shovel. It has been pointed out to me by helpful people that *I* am the one who left it in the yard, and this is true. I have a very bad habit of not putting gardening tools away. I suppose I have learned my lesson now.

I had it stuck out in the side yard with a note for Juan taped to it. Somebody took the note, too.


Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 03 2005 07:24

At least you didn't tape Juan's money to the shovel. You are smarter than that.

Posted by Frances at Thu Feb 03 2005 07:51

Not really.

Posted by Camilla at Wed Feb 23 2005 13:19

That would be pretty funny if they took off the note and stuck it on the side of the house.

From an outsider's POV, of course.

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