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[Comments] (1) Thank You, Saint Anthony: My shovel has reappeared. I guess someone just needed a shovel for a while. Florence Z. always told us that St. Anthony will help you even if you're not Catholic, and I guess it's true.

[Comments] (2) Rainy Day: I was going to work in the garden but it is raining. Gretel and I went to White Forest (Again) and bought more seeds, some walk-on bark, and some tomato cages. I bought bone meal, blood meal, cottonseed meal, and beer to try to build up the soil, which is very poor in that locale. Then I left Gretel at home and went to Lowe's.

I have always gone to Lowe's with the expectation that they will not have what I came there for, and I was not disappointed. I went to buy a 2X4 folding banquet table, which Brother Jackman said they have, and they were out. They had the 2X6 size, but that won't fit in the space. I ended up buying two "personal tables" instead. They seem useful, flexible, and the height is adjustable, so I think they will work out fine. I didn't get around to repotting my tomato plants or starting any seeds on the tables; that will be for tomorrow.

On the way home I went to Young's for groceries for our feasting this weekend. (That is where I bought the beer, and thank goodness I did because while it was $1.19 at Young's, it is $1.59 at Albertson's.

Dropped groceries off at home and went to Albertson's for shrimp, crab, and chicken breast.

I spent the day chopping, grinding, and shredding for Arroz con Pollo, sushi, and tri-tip. THey didn't have any daikon, so I grated regular radishes. The result is beautiful! I'll have to remember it for a salad. I cracked the crab leg I bought and decided it might not be enough, so I decided to go back to Albertson's. I needed to buy some bacon for John, anyhow. I also got some chopped ham for omelettes.

I made sunumono and it turned out really good, even without marinating. I cooked a bag of black beans. Susie and John won't be here until midnight, so I didn't make dinner. Just ate some bean salad (which I made yesterday.) The store brand canned garbanzos are tough, and I don't think I'll buy them anymore.


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