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[Comments] (6) Back to Subnormal: John and Susie came and we had a wonderful weekend. We made and ate food, went to Lemony Snickett at the dollar movie, and I didn't have to sit alone in church. I didn't get as much yard work out of them because it was pouring the whole time.

I was glad I only paid a dollar to see Lemony Snickett.

Now we're back to routine; thank goodness it will be a short week at work. I sure had a lot of papers to grade.

John and Susie took Sadie away with them, and the house is unbelievably quiet. What a luxury! Gretel cried all of Monday, but she is doing better today.


Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 22 2005 20:47

Thanks for letting us visit! We had a great time. Next time we will do more yard work.

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Feb 23 2005 09:10

That sound like so much fun. I hope to get out there to Bakersfield in the summer and go running in the rolling oilfield hills.

Louise and I saw Lemony Snicket as well, and enjoyed it. As a sidenote, if Louise likes a movie then it is a plus. Most of the time I am trying to keep her awake (like in Lord of the Rings or Spider Man).

Posted by John at Wed Feb 23 2005 10:04

Lemony Snickett is refreshing because it is so different. Try the books on a car trip.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Feb 23 2005 17:12

I can't believe you want to go running in the middle of summer in Bakersfield, Joe. You'll get heatstroke.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 23 2005 17:18

You have to go first thing.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 23 2005 21:15

That made no sense. If you go running in Bakersfield you have to go first thing in the morning. It even stays too hot late at night to go.

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