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[Comments] (1) Working up a Sweat: It's not a very nice day today--cloudy, and the sun hasn't appeared all day, but I did go out into the new vegetable garden. I moved cinder blocks for the walls, with much huffing and puffing and a few smashed fingers. Then, I replaced the risers. I had a lot of trouble with one of them because (I think) the elbow is stripped and it's probably going to leak, but we shall see. I cultivated the bone meal, etc., in, and, hardest of all, dumped half a bag of compost in each bed. Now I need to spread it and fork it in, and then I can plant.

Some of my beans are five inches tall already. What monsters!

I took two of the tomato plants I started over to the Langleys, so that gave me a leetle bit more room on the table. The tomatoes can't go outside for another month or so, but I figured Jill would like to bond with them before she plants them.

I am absolutely done for, but I still have an appointment with Dr. Manu at 3:30, pasta salad making, and paper grading to go today.


Posted by Susi at Fri Feb 25 2005 16:19

Sounds like you are having a lot more energy!

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