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Hello, Sunshine (A Little Bit): Today was a slightly nicer day. Mary Ann Beuchler and I went to a moving sale at Emily Hurlburt's house. I was thinking I could get some of her old clothes. Emily has lost a bunch of weight and had to get all new clothes, poor thing. I didn't want any clothes that have to be ironed or dry cleaned, so that limited my options. I came away with two dresses and a half dozen blue placemats. I didn't get any books! *pats self on back*

Then when I went looking in the basket for a new elbow for the garden, there wasn't one, so I had to go to Home Depot to buy some. I also bought some lovely snail food, and then found I had half a twenty-pound bag already in the shed.

I fixed the elbow, spread the compost, and planted the peppers and eggplants. I need to plant the strawberries, but I am completely done for.

Anne is coming this evening.


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