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[Comments] (7) Murder in the Garden: I am fighting snails! I crunch them underfoot whenever I find them. These are big healthy guys too, and I've never seen such fat slugs. While I was weeding, I uncovered a nest of beautiful little pearls like the one I found last year. I am going to suppose they are snail eggs. They remind me of the fish bait that used to come in a little jar--maybe it still does-- and you'd put two or three little eggs on the hook with a squitch. I dug up the nest and scattered the eggs. I guess I should have popped them all, like Rikki Tikki Tavi did when he found the cobra's nest.

I planted the tomatoes and peppers I bought yesterday as well as two six packs of flowers. I am giving a try to calendula, which my father used to grow, because they are sunny and cheerful. And I hope they reseed. Also trying stachys (lamb's ears), adorable gray-green fuzzy plant. Now I have four six packs and a flat of thyme left to plant, as well as my beans, which need to be put outside before they take over the kitchen. I may consider the ox to be in the mire in the morning.

I found I was good for a whole hour in the garden today, but now am beat. I've been having miso soup for breakfast like the Japanese do, and I think the extra protein is helping me get stronger.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Mar 06 2005 11:40

Do you eat your miso soup with any embelishments? I love miso soup.

Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 06 2005 12:02

We sell calendula gel!

Posted by Frances at Sun Mar 06 2005 18:11

I buy the packets at the Asian market. They all seem to come with seaweed and green onion; then, there is a choice of tofu, wheat cake, or other things. The cheapest is an assortment which doesn't have a word of Engrish anywhere on it, so I don't know what the various flavors are, other than the tofu, which I can recognize.

Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 07 2005 07:27

You would need to bring John with you.

Now that I am at work, I can see what calendula is actually used for... *goes into store*... first aid and sunburn, and it's made from the flowers. Mom, you are growing your own homeopathic herb garden!

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Mar 07 2005 14:56

I was told by Natsume, a friend of ours, when I got engaged to Louise that the way Japanese propose to women is this. They ask if you will make miso soup for them. Since it is an everyday breakfast thing it is like saying, "will you cook, clean, and do the laundry for me?"

Perhaps Feminism can have a go trying to crack Japanese chauvinism.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Mar 07 2005 14:58

Just a little miso trivia, if you wanted to hear it.

Posted by Jay Towslee at Sun Mar 13 2005 20:25

my wife scatters finely (not powdered) chopped eggshells around what she wants to protect - it's kind of like barbed wire to the undersides of the snails (or running over scattered nails in your car)

good luck

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