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[Comments] (4) Party Time: Yesterday was busy. Marlene is back from her mission, so Hillary had a bunch of ladies from work over to her new house for lunch to visit with her. Hillary's house is very nice, with a spacious view of the Seven Oaks golf course. I've always thought that if I had a yard like that, I wouldn't mind having people walking around it hitting balls with a little stick. I think golf is silly and a waste of time, but it does improve the landscape. I'm glad I don't have a huge house anymore.

In the evening, I went to see National Treasure at the dollar theater with Karen Nations and Sharon White. It was an ok movie, I guess, with some nice shots of the Capitol Mall. As a rule I dislike movies that have car chases, quick camera work, and sudden explosions. The ocular tracking involved is difficult for me; I guess it's because I'm from a generation that grew up without video games. I just can't see what the excitement is all about. Sometimes on the screen there were so many things going on that I could hardly look. Sensory overwhelmness.


Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 13 2005 11:41

I liked that movie. The one movie where I most noticed my eyes hurt and they could keep up was Moulin Rouge.

Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 13 2005 11:41

I too think golf is silly, and hope John will have more entertaining, if not less expensive hobbies.

Posted by John at Sun Mar 13 2005 13:09

Don't see The Bourne Supremacy; it'll make you downright sick.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Mar 14 2005 11:14

Louise and I saw that movie last Saturday as well. I was interested in the history, and Louise kept remarking on how she had been to all of those places (in Philadelphia and Washington D.C.), so she enjoyed knowing a little American history.

I liked the Disney version of it where the bad guys really aren't that bad (they just want the money), and nobody gets killed. (Unlike other similar movies where the body count starts in the first 5 min.)

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