Jabberwocky for 2005 March 17 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) Finally: finally, finally, this week is over. I made myself stay at work until every paper was graded and filed away so that I won't have to work over the break. (Except for getting ready for summer school). I just have to put the grades in the computer, which I am going to do right now. Poor Hillary had to take home two file folders of papers because she had a dentist appointment, so she had to leave early.

Tonight is enrichment night, and then in the morning Leonard is coming to see me!! I hope it doesn't rain too much this weekend so we can get some weeds pulled.


Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 17 2005 19:11

Yay! What are you doing for "Guilt & Lies", as you say?

Posted by Frances at Thu Mar 17 2005 21:00

RS Birthday Party.

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