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[Comments] (3) Quiet Day in Lake Wobegone: I spent half the day on the phone with the Francise Tax Board and never did get to a real human or get my question answered. The deal is, I have an installment agreement for my 1996 Form 540. They sent a letter about their tax amnesty program, but the total was wrong because every month they take out money automatically from my bank account. (I HATE arrangements like that, but they insisted.) So I found the correct amnesty amount online, and I contacted the bank to put a permanent stop payment on the electronic transfer.

I spent another forever on the phone with the bank finding out what to do about this online check for $196 that I paid to the blood lab that they sent back because they said they had billed it wrong. I had to take the check to Kinkos and fax it to the main Union Bank office so they could put the money back in my account.

I pulled lots of weeds, and got my TPN delivery and a visit from Donna Collier, the public health nurse from the county. If I had had a brain, I would have seen if Donna wanted to go to lunch, but she had already eaten when she got here.

Neighbor Sue is trying to catch Tuxedo Tom and take him in to get snipped. I haven't seen him around since she announced she was going to do this.


Posted by John at Thu Mar 24 2005 19:08

I was just thinking about Lake Wobegone the other day. Doesn't sound like your having the same experience I was thinking of, though.

What's Form 540? Also, speaking of neighbors and pets, has that lady come by recently, soliciting free meat and eggs in her purse to your little ones?

Back in the day before most people paid taxes, and it was a rich person thing, they just wrote out a check at the end of the year. I still wish it were that way, but too many people can't grasp the savings concept.

Posted by Frances at Thu Mar 24 2005 19:11

540 is the California state equivalent of the 1040. But it's even more evil.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Mar 25 2005 12:26

*snip* heehee. Poor tuxedo tom. You have to get them early so they never know what they're missing & become fat & lazy (like tonks)

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