Jabberwocky for 2005 March 27 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Bzzzzzzz: Yesterday a bee flew into my bedroom through the open French door. It buzzed all around, but didn't figure out how to get back out. Finally, it dropped to the windowsill in exhaustion. I felt terrible because I couldn't think how I could get her out without her stinging me.

Now it occurs to me that I could have slid a piece of cardstock under her as she sat there huffing and puffing. Then I could have carried her out. I figured she must have died there on the windowsill, so I looked today, and there was no corpse. She must have found a way out somehow.


Posted by anonymous at Sun Mar 27 2005 19:55

You are kind. If that bee would have flown into my classroom it would have been bedlam and 10 - 15 minutes before everyone could settle down again. And, of course, the bee would not have survived if it had hung around at all. Marianne

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