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[Comments] (1) Big Trouble: Gretel and I went to White Forest Nursery today. I got in bad trouble. The flowers were all so pretty that I had to have them all! I bought some fall-blooming crocus to put in. It's the one that saffron comes from, and I figure that with saffron at ten bucks a pinch, I'd try growing some.

I bought a lot of huchera to go under the redwood trees because it's been very successful there, and a lot of flowers to replace dead gazania and soon to die California poppies. I did really a lot of work today. Also I harvested the radiccio and thinned the beets and made a lovely salad with greens and goat cheese for me and Rachel for dinner. (I threw it up.)

I had read in some book that a taro plant can live in places where water sits on the soil, so Gretel and I went to the Asian Market to get a taro. I had no idea what it was, and to my surprise, it's a huge thing, much bigger than a large butternut squash. The book said just plant the root on its side. So I dug a big hole and planted it, right by the front sidewalk. THEN I looked it up in the Sunset book, and found it grows 6 feet tall. Oops.


Posted by John at Sun Apr 03 2005 15:25

Taro and poi (which is made from taro) is really nasty stuff. In the Kong at McDonald's, they had taro pies (like an apple) pie for a while. It was purple and disgusting. I suggest you get rid of it while you can.

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