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[Comments] (2) Monday: Not a lot to report. I have a new home health nurse because Linda apparently quit. I had to do a bit of training to get her to see how I do things. I taught classes, worked in the yard, and am about half finished with paper grading.

Ann Stewart brought over some orphan Swiss chard plants, and while she was here, she did a poem on the refrigerator. It's a kind of sad one. "Sleep lazy friend, eternity never over, sweet are rose bed, and pink sky, and love." Meanwhile, I was looking at the refrigerator. I had an ambition to have NOTHING on the refrigerator but the poetry magnets, and it's positively bristling with recipe clippings and photos and coupons and cartoons and stuff. Someday I'll clean it off.


Posted by Brendan at Mon Apr 11 2005 20:05

Maria and I have our fridge covered almost entirely with poetry magnets, except for a couple of delivery menus. I think between us we have five sets (and I still have the Portuguese one in a drawer somewhere). But we never use them! Probably this is because the sink is right across from the fridge, and always full of dirty dishes.

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 11 2005 20:32

I almost talked John into buying me $1.99 set of alphabet magnets. Maybe when we have a kid we'll register for them at Target.

It sounds like you're doing a lot Mommy! Good for you!

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