Jabberwocky for 2005 April 12 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Spring Day: The house next door is sold. The sign only went up on Saturday. I would dearly love to know what it sold for. Today as I was working in the garden the Cutlers cruised by. They are looking for houses in this neighborhood to buy for their daughter. They had a flier from one on Chester Lane for $239,000. I think it's the house that used to have the big Halloween display.

The Cutlers were very complimentary about my garden. I did get a lot done today. Tomorrow I finish weeding the stepping stones and plant that flat of wooly thyme.

This evening I went to the Stake Center to watch our Elders Quorum play basketball. (We won.) I took a lot of pictures so that hopefully one will be good enough to put in the ward newsletter. My poor little digital camera isn't fast enough for basketball. I should have brought my real camera. Gretel was very upset that I was leaving and didn't want to be put out. I wish she would learn that I always come back eventually.


Posted by John at Wed Apr 13 2005 09:36

It's a seller's market. You know you want to move!

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