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[Comments] (1) Protective Custody: We've been through four catnip plants in the last couple of weeks. The last one I planted, I inverted a laundry basket over it, but Jellybean dragged the laundry basket away and destroyed the plant anyhow.

I looked in the Sunset book, and it said to plant the catnip under a wire basket, and the branches will grow out of the wire while the crown of the plant is protedted. So this time I tried that. I took down one of the wire baskets hanging above the spa; they are not an asset to the aesthetics of the yard anyhow. I anchored the basket over the catnip plant with the long staples meant for landscape fabric.

When I looked this morning, every leaf that could possibly be reached through the wire had been nipped, but the plant itself is surviving. A new record for catnip survival.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a huge patch of catnip in her garden. I wonder how she got it that way with cats around?

[Comments] (2) Soggy: Somebody posted to the Whitney Research Group that all her genealogy has been lost. They live on a lake, which rose beyond its historical limits, and their house flooded, and with it all the genealogy. Four boxes were soaked and turned into papier mache.

I'm feeling really sorry for this lady. Luckily she has the Whitney Research Group to help her, and we have almost everything on our website, but what about all her other lines? So sad.

I am slowly getting all my genealogy onto CD-Rom so if this happens (fat chance here in Bako!) it won't be damaged. Of course, with my luck, it would be the scrapbooks that got soaked.

[Comments] (6) Sheesh.: I paid bills tonight, and spent over a thousand bucks on medical bills. More than my whole paycheck. Bleah. So don't wonder why I can't afford to get the house painted.


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