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[Comments] (6) Hitting the Road: I am packing to leave to go to Utah for graduation. I hope I don't forget anything. It will be a quickie trip, but a fun break, and I'll get to see lots of family. I am so proud of John, and Joe, and Aaron, and Louise. They've hung in there and done it! I actually don't feel so wonderful so I hope I'll be able to go to bed earlyish tonigh. Lots of papers to grade though. See everyone tomorrow!


Posted by Sumana at Wed Apr 20 2005 19:00


Posted by John at Wed Apr 20 2005 19:25

Be careful driving. Bring Gretel for moral support if you need to (I heard Sumana misses her)!

Posted by rachel at Wed Apr 20 2005 20:44

*miss you!*

Posted by Frances at Wed Apr 20 2005 20:50

Gretel is staying at the puppy spa. She cried when I left her there. I feel bad.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 21 2005 17:17

She would have cried when you left her at home, too, and would have behaved badly for me all weekend. Don't feel bad.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Apr 25 2005 15:24

It was good seeing you here, and thanks for the note of congratulations

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