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[Comments] (1) Tired: I turned in my packets for summer school to duplicating, taught my class, graded a bunch of papers. I have to go back in on Friday morning to help grade the writing proficiency retakes. Tomorrow is the last day of class.

I pulled a wastebasket full of weeds and planted dill, fennel, and artemesia plants and marigold seeds. Then I toted fish emulsion to all the patio pots and the newly planted plants. I wish it were bedtime, but I need to work on my class packets for fall semester.

The artemesia I planted isn't what you'd expect. It's not the grey "dusty miller" Powis Castle type of variety. It's green and yellow variegated with sharply lobed, not feathery, leaves. I'd never seen one like it offered before, and I thought since it looked unusual, I had better get it.

I have run out of garlic bread before I have run out of minestrone. NOW what shall I do? Maybe bake a loaf using Uncle Carl's sourdough?


Posted by Kristen at Thu May 12 2005 15:40

umm, garlic bread.

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