Jabberwocky for 2005 May 12 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) On The Cusp Of Summer: It actually got hot today. I spent a good three hours working in the yard, and I had to come in and get my safari hat. I weeded and planted and weeded and planted. Some of what I planted is okra and more green beans.

An iris that I planted three years ago finally bloomed. It's maroon and yellow, very pretty. I'm not sure what its name is because it's been so long that the tag is gone. It might be "Dynamite." There is a calligraphy rock in the general vicinity that says that.

The first year I started the garden, I labeled every plant I put in with a calligraphy rock. This didn't work as I had hoped because the rocks tended to not stay in the same place, or the plants died. Every once in a while I stumble across one.


Posted by Susie at Fri May 13 2005 07:24

Okra! Okra! Okra! Plant more!

Posted by Rachel at Fri May 13 2005 11:47

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay okra!

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