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[Comments] (3) Heresy: I don't think I'm going to go see Star Wars. I LOVED the first one, way back when, and was disappointed in the sequels. I haven't seen either of the recent ones, and I think I'll let sleeping dogs lie.

I feel like a real non-geek skuzzbucket saying that.


Posted by Sumana at Thu May 19 2005 15:54

I'm the non-geek scuzzbucket - I saw "Phantom Menace" and didn't see the second Episode and won't see the third.

Posted by Alyson at Fri May 20 2005 07:19

Dave and I are in your same boat, Sumana. A person can't make shoddy movies and expect a fan base to put up with it.

Posted by Camilla at Mon May 23 2005 04:07

Episode II is amazingly better than I and II. Really, most people feel that it makes up for them.

But, I am a mere, uncurable Star Wars geek, so perhaps what I say can't be entirely trusted. I'll admit I didn't really like Phantom Menace, but I did like Attack. Seriously, I was very happy with Revenge. It was quite copacetic. And I'm hoping that modifying "copacetic" with "quite" isn't too redundant.

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