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[Comments] (5) I Should Be In Utah: I should have driven to Utah today to attend Melea's funeral tomorrow. I'm still really sad about this. But my body has been doing that thing where my temperature shoots up and down, and I'm usually running a fever. Also the stomach has been acting up more than usual. Therefore, I thought if I made that drive it would be to MY funeral.

Delta is beginning a direct flight from Bakersfield to Salt Lake City on July 1, so future weddings and funerals shouldn't be a big problem. (I'm going to have to drive in September for Shelley's wedding because I have to take Robert's Christmas present, which can't be mailed.)

It's so difficult the see the words "Melea" and "funeral" together. I remember the last time I talked to her, at Alyssa's wedding. She was so fun and lively and intelligent, and just like me, with lots of smartypants stuff to say. She had grown up to be so beautiful, just like her lovely Mom.

I should be in Utah. But like many things I would have liked to do in life, the HIV virus wins again. Don't anyone catch HIV. You WON'T win. The virus is always triumphant.


Posted by Rachel at Fri Jun 03 2005 22:36

I suppose if I were a Good Daughter I would have driven to Utah with you. (This only occurrs to me now, which goes to show how un-Good Daughter I am...)

Posted by Sabine at Sun Jun 05 2005 13:23

I am a friedn of Alyson's and David, so you will not know who I am. I am sending blessings your way and spiritual strength.
Lawrence, Kansas

Posted by Sabine at Sun Jun 05 2005 14:30

Sorry about the spelling error...OOPS!

Posted by anonymous at Sun Jun 05 2005 17:13

*at Alyssa's wedding*

Melea: So, do you guys like him?

Us: . . . Not really . . .


*we all start laughing*

Yeah, that was a classic.

Posted by Camilla at Sun Jun 05 2005 17:13

Sorry, that ^ was me.

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