Jabberwocky for 2005 June 6 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (1) Barbecue: I went to Target today to pick up my pictures. FINALLY I have gotten the sushi making pictures developed. Also I wanted to see if I could get a little grill plate for the barbecue, like maybe the ones they make fajitas on.

I haven't looked at barbecues or barbecue stuff in years, so I was surprised by the offerings Target had. Great big stainless steel honkers. Who wants that thing in their back yard? Mine is made out of redwood and green enameled steel, and it's a little more copascetic with Mother Nature. I also got mine at Target, but obviously they think taste has changed in the intervening years. We're in the future now; lets go with hard and metallic!

I did get a grill plate thingy, but I still don't know what it is called because none of the ones on display had a label, instruction sheet, or even a price sticker. The cashier had to send someone back to look up the price, and I held up a big long line with my pitiful purchase of pictures, a grill thingy, and a pair of jeans. So embarassing.

I got some Kosher bratwurst and grilled them for dinner, using the new grill thingy to grill sliced onions. This makes a Los Angeles street vendor hot dog. (See my article, "The Big Orange".) Neither Rachel nor I could eat a whole one, so Gretel was very grateful.

Anyhow. At Target, I was dazzled by the array of gizmos and doohickeys available for barbecuing. There were even designer tools! One stainless steel set looked like it should be in MOMA. Certainly it shouldn't be near someone's grill, because it looked like an excellent way to fry your fingers. Not that I should talk, the person using a nylon pancake turner from the kitchen. There was a "basket" for grilling fish, made of flexible wire and looking like an accident waiting to happen. A plethora of devices for lighting the grill and taking its temperature. And a wok. An actual wok that can be used to stir-fry on the grill. C'mon.

After this little trip to the Temple of Materialism, I'm grateful that there are so many things I don't even want.


Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 07 2005 07:27

Those stainless steel ones are for people in Jamie and David's neighborhood who don't have any nature in their backyards for the BBQ to disagree with.

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