Jabberwocky for 2005 June 8 (entry 2)

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[Comments] (3) Luminous Prose: I think I'll barf if I have to read that description in yet another book review. However, the book I just finished defies description in any other way. Cresent, by Diana Abu-Jabbar, is about the Middle Eastern expatriate community in Los Angeles and is so beautifully written it shines like a gem. I'm not someone who would know if it bit me on the ear, but I feel like Abu-Jabbar has given me an insight into the Arab psyche. Anyone who wishes can disabuse me of that notion now.

I think that it's extremely difficult to write in this way without getting overwritten, so my hat is off to this author. (My hat is off anyway, and I have Hat Hair!)


Posted by Sumana at Wed Jun 08 2005 19:42

Isn't it wonderful? I couldn't stop babbling about it after I read it, and then my sister practically had a religious experience when I pressed it upon her. And Diana Abu-Jaber is a sweet woman in conversation too.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Jun 09 2005 09:29

I bought the book after reading your interview, Sumana.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 10 2005 08:02

~Hat Hair, Hat Hair~... sorry.

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