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[Comments] (1) A Waste of Beer: Today at Young's I bought six big bottles of cheapo beer to dump in the garden. The cashier was telling me about some gardening show on TV that recommends it--I thought it was my discovery, due to me taking away Roger's beer and dumping it in the compost. The manager, who was bagging my groceries up in the Green Frog bags, Could Not BELIEVE that someone would pour all that beer on the ground.

So I poured it all out, and since I fertilized everything with fish emulsion last night, it really stinks out there now! The bottles are soaking in the sink. I'm going to remove the labels and make up more bottles of herbal vinegar for gifts. The lids say "King Cobra" on them. I imagine I'll get some razzing from my friends over that when I give them their vinegar for Christmas.

Also today I organized the pantry. I found a can of pineapple, circa 1995, that was puffed and swollen and ready to burst. I threw out several things and am thinking I should throw out a few more--I know all the cans of refried beans are several years old and we don't seem to eat them anymore.

[Comments] (5) Angles: I like things to be square. I like furniture to be perpendicular or parallel to the wall. There are some [very nice] people who will put a piece of furniture, for example their bed, catty corner in the room, and the visual impact of that placement drives me insane. I don't know if it's feng shui, or the monster that might be hiding in the corner, or some deep psychological warp, or what. For me, it upsets the balance of the room.

Irma is always arranging things into angles. I have on top of my bookshelf a bank, a photo of Alyson, and a telephone. Every week she angles them out. Every week I put them back straight. Now we've started on the little cupboard that I keep spare toilet paper in. There's a real reason I have this one straight--if it is angled, it covers up the electrical outlet where the charger to my shaver lives. Every week on the bathroom counter, the clock, the cowbell, and whatever Mary Kay had the misfortune to be left out are marching in slanted ranks. Fortunately most of the furniture in the house can't be rearranged because the house is so full of furniture.

What makes some people like rectangles and some people like triangles?

Julep: The juleps turned out really good--very refreshing. I steeped the mint in a half gallon of hot water and then made lemonade with said water. I have a new ice crusher blade for the blender that works almost like shave ice, so I crush eight cubes of ice, put in some frozen raspberries, and pour the julep stuff over. It's wonderful.

I don't like the mint juleps at Disneyland although I know there are people who worship them. (My cousins Susie and Debbie, for example.) The Disneyland ones have something sort of creamy and icky in them. This stuff I made is not too sweet, which is good.

Chessboard Update: *Something* has germinated in the chessboard, whether it be dichondra or weeds or ant poison, I know not. I have been very faithful about keeping the squares moist, so I do hope it's the dichondra. Some weeds have gotten a head start too. I'm going to go out and pull them tomorrow morning.


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