Jabberwocky for 2005 June 10 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (5) Angles: I like things to be square. I like furniture to be perpendicular or parallel to the wall. There are some [very nice] people who will put a piece of furniture, for example their bed, catty corner in the room, and the visual impact of that placement drives me insane. I don't know if it's feng shui, or the monster that might be hiding in the corner, or some deep psychological warp, or what. For me, it upsets the balance of the room.

Irma is always arranging things into angles. I have on top of my bookshelf a bank, a photo of Alyson, and a telephone. Every week she angles them out. Every week I put them back straight. Now we've started on the little cupboard that I keep spare toilet paper in. There's a real reason I have this one straight--if it is angled, it covers up the electrical outlet where the charger to my shaver lives. Every week on the bathroom counter, the clock, the cowbell, and whatever Mary Kay had the misfortune to be left out are marching in slanted ranks. Fortunately most of the furniture in the house can't be rearranged because the house is so full of furniture.

What makes some people like rectangles and some people like triangles?


Posted by Rachel at Fri Jun 10 2005 18:38

I don't like furnature at tri-angles with the wall. I feel like it's a waste of space.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jun 10 2005 19:37

I feel like angled furniture is going to topple over onto me, that's why I don't have any situated so. My sister-in-law's bed is as you described, and I can't get over wondering which of her little boys will be first to jump the head board and hide in the space.

I'm utterly flattered that you have a picture of me on your bookshelf. That makes me feel loved.

Posted by John at Sat Jun 11 2005 17:13

Oops, we have two peices of furniture in our house at an angle. Of course, how else does one use a papasan?

I'd never do a bed that way? Where does one put the nightstands?

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jun 13 2005 12:59

My sister in law used to have her bed like that but last I saw she did away with it. Maybe she felt the same way...interested thought triangles and rectangles. I think I will go ponder it. :P

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jun 13 2005 13:01

BTW it is really hard to talk in jest on the weblog, at least for me. I hope people don't think I am dumb or queer.

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